A very exciting week!

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A very exciting week! Shops are opening, kids are going back to school, I've had my first jab, the sun is shining, we're in our 10th year and, most importantly, we can finally share the exciting news that this week we're are on the actual telly box!!
Join us on Escape to the Farm on Chanel 5, making marmalade with the glorious Kate Humble. It was great fun....Huge thanks to Kate, Ludo and team plus the very gorgeous Jonathan Atkinson for making it happen and making me laugh...A LOT!!

(We connected the electric in our new kitchen with minutes to spare, so if it looks a little chaotic, it really was!!)


and here's the recipe we used:
Orange Marmalade Whole Fruit, 5-7 jars
500g Seville oranges
Juice of half a lemon
1kg gran sugar

Scrub fruit, put whole into a pan of boiling water with 1.25 ltrs of water.  Bring to the boil and then simmer for 2.5 hours until can pierce easily with a knife.
When cool, take out and measure cooking water – should be 850ml – make up to this amount if less.
Cut oranges in half, remove pips with a fork and putting in a bowl, strain juice from pips into cooking pot – discard pips.

Cut orange peel and flesh into thick, medium or thin shreds, add lemon juice, cook for 5 minutes before adding the sugar and bring to the boil – rolling boil 105 C for 10-15 mins until setting point achieved.

Check temp/saucer test.
Leave to cool for 10 mins before jarring – can add 25ml of whiskey to the bottom of every jar.

Huge thanks to Kate, Ludo and team plus the very gorgeous Jonathan Atkinson for making it happen and making me laugh...A LOT!!

Our Cookalong Club is is all go this week too!! We're so excited that along with Monmouthshire County Council, Pip & I are going live, working with 4 families from the brilliant St Mary's School in Chepstow to trial the project and share some easy peasy tasty cooking skills, before (fingers crossed) moving on to all of the schools in Monmouthshire. #kidscancook #beatfoodpoverty #simplefood #tastyfood #wecandothis #wevegotthis x

We love sharing the jam love and working with you all. We have courses ready and dates will be confirmed from July. You are very welcome to buy vouchers now and you'll be first on the list for dates.


Learn to Preserve Class 
Afternoon Tea Preserving-  at Let them See Cake in Cardiff.
Afternoon Tea - Cakes & Preserves Class with Huw Rowlands and profits to Velindre Cancer Centre x
Hot Chilli Sauce Course - 19th June 2021
Stir Up Sunday - 21st November 2021, Chepstow.


Event dates will be updated as and when, in the meantime we're continuing production safely and sending jars of deliciousness all over the UK and Europe. As it's our 10th year, you can use 10YEARS10% all year for 10% off our jars of deliciousness, stay safe and eat well.

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle - For every jar you return, we'll give you 10p off your next purchase and that includes catering packs and bottles too!
We also love to SwapCrop so if you have any fruit that you need to find a home for, we can help and trade with jars x




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