Michelin Star Cocktails from The Whitebrook

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We love a cocktail and the brilliant Andy Stoneley gave us a masterclass from The Whitebrook, our local Michelin Star restaurant with rooms.

The first is The Secret Garden, a delicious mocktail, then a Cheeky Ribena and finally Blackberry & Apple Pie. Here are the recipes for you and the "How to" videos are below, just click on the link.

The Secret Garden Cocktail

Muddle the mint and lime juice to release the flavours, add ice to the glass, a large glug of Blackberry Bramble Sirop and top with Ginger Ale - a really refreshing zingy mocktail and you can even add a large gin too!

Cheeky Ribena

Add a measure of vodka and Sirop to a glass, add the juice of a lime, mix, add ice and top with soda water.

Apple & Blackberry Pie

Add all the ingredients to a cocktail shaker, shake well and pour into an elegant glass - delicious!


You can watch our "How To" videos below, filmed by the brilliant students at South Wales Uni, at The Whitbrook special thanks to owenproductions.com and Travis-Hunter Photography.

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