Make Your Own Jams and Chutneys at Home Kit

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If you're passionate about preserves, curious about chutney, have been meaning to make marmalade or on the hunt for something hot then here's your very own Make Your Own Jams & Chutneys Kit, packed with all you need to make your very own jars of deliciousness.

The Kit contains:
  • 8ltr Stainless Steel Kilner Preserving Pan, will last a lifetime and and easy to read inside mearure too.
  • 6 jars with lids
  • a spatula
  • a wooden preserving spoon
  • tried and tested recipes for you to make your own jars of deliciousness
  • The Preservation Society apron.

You can buy the 8ltr Stainless Steel Kilner Preserving Pan seperately too x


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