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Here are some of our favourite recipes to spice up your Summer with decadent drinks and Bangin BBQ's -

we love a #lifelessordinary x


Mocktails, Cocktails & Prosecco

With the start of Wimbledon and some glorious weather, we love our Sirops, they add decadence to a glass of prosecco, marvelous in mocktails & cocktails, incredible with ice cream and sublime over salads. They really are a treat...

One of our favourite recipes is the Secret Garden Cocktail by Andy Stoneley, (https://twitter.com/Stoneley85). You'll need is fresh mint, juice of a lime, 50ml of Blackberry Bramble or Blissfully Blackcurrant Sirop, Ginger Ale and ice - muddle the mint & lime juice before adding the sirop and topping with ginger ale - loved by kids and adults alike...you can even add a cheeky gin.

Or why not try our new Rhubarb Rhubarb Sirop (so new we still don't have branded labels for it). We love a  Rhubarb Spritzer - add a large dash to a glass and top with chilled Prossecco for some Summer decadence. It's also incredible with panacotta and delicious with slow roast lamb.

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Our Bangin BBQ Sauce

Over the Summer months, we live on this! It's ideal as a marinade for chicken and slow roast ribs, delicious as a cheeky dip with some home made mayo and brilliant on bbq bangers - it's a poky Bangin BBQ Sauce.

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Our Bangin BBQ Gift Box - all you need for a perfect BBQ with our Bangin BBQ Sauce, Candied Jalapenos (the Candies of Cowboys), Tomato & Chilli Relish and Very Chilli Jam x